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Select Rubber Expansion Bellows for Ice Storage Air-Conditioning System

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Rubber expansion bellows is a high elasticity, high gas tightness, medium resistant and weather resistant pipeline connecting piece. Rubber expansion bellows can absorb the axial, lateral and angular displacement, also reduce and shock and noise, has advantages of small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy to install and maintain.

rubber expansion bellows

Do you know what kind of rubber expansion bellows should be used in ice storage air-conditioning system? Before finding the answer, first we are going to talk about what is ice storage air-conditioning system?

Ice storage is air-conditioning system, low ebb load electric power ice-making stored in ice storage equipment at night, melting ice release the stored cooling capacity by daylight, in this way to reduce electrical load and installed capacity at power peak period, it represent a new develop trend for modern central air-conditioning. It has following merits:

1.Save energy charge.

2.High efficient.

3.Save cold water charge.

4.Good dehumidification effect.

5.Fast cooling.

6.Reduce noise.

7.Long service life.

Following is the place where applicable:

1.Shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, office building, etc..

2.Gymnasium, exhibition building, movie theater, etc..

3.Pharmacy, food processing, brewing industry, dairy product industry, etc..

Lanphan rubber expansion bellows is used in ice storage air-conditioning system as a noise reduction and shock absorbing piece. The rubber expansion bellows plays an important function in lengthen the service life of air-conditioning system. Since the medium is cold water, and the water temperature isn¡¯t too low, normal rubber expansion bellows is applicable for the ice storage air-conditioning system.