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Reasons to Choose a Metal Expansion Joint

2017/9/15 11:12:20      Click£º

Last time we introduce the fabric expansion joint and reasons to choose it. Wish it helps you to better know about the fabric expansion joint . However, as we know, there are also many different application scenarios to use other expansion joints .

Now let us come to the metal expansion joint. Sometimes we call it bellow expansion joint, which is also widely used in modern pipe system. Metal expansion joint is qualified to prolong the service life of pipe system by absorbing the displacement through its elasticity as well.

Metal expansion joint, or bellow expansion joint, commonly consists of one or two bellows, and some end tubes. The bellow, as the key part of such joint to reduce shock, vibration as well as noise, and compensate axial, lateral or angular displacement,  is capable to be fabricated according to actual usage. To fit with different pipe system, it could be connected with flanges, thread, welding, quick coupling and etc., that brings much more convenience to the application.

Metal Expansion Joint

Here we¡¯d like list some points in summary for your information to better know about the metal expansion joint, maybe some of them would be the possible reasons to choose and install this kind of joint in your own pipe system in the near future.
Maintenance Free;
Withstand a large range of temperatures from high temperature to cryogenic;
Can be used for high pressure services;
Used for a variety of process conditions including air, steam, liquid, cryogenic, etc;
Does not allow leakage of gases or liquids;
Customized length.
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