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Seven Advantages of Steel Rubber Lining Pipes

2017/8/4 9:58:40      Click£º
Steel rubber lining pipes are lining with rubber inside the steel pipes, by its chemical and physical performance to lower the impact of medium, such as impact force, corrosion and so on. Today we are going to introduce you the seven advantages of steel rubber lining pipes.
1. Steel rubber lining pipe has good structure.
Steel rubber lining pipe has good structure, the strengthen framework steel pipe and rubber layer are recombined by high performance adhesion agent, overcome the weakness of steel pipe and rubber material, obtained the advantages of both rubber and steel pipe.
2.Steel rubber lining pipe has excellent corrosion resistance property.
Except for concentrated sulphuric acid, chromic acid, alkane, rubber has excellent corrosion resistance ability to almost all mediums.
3.Steel rubber lining pipe has excellent wear-resisting property.
Good elasticity rubber lining can not only absorb mechanical shock, but also absorb corrosion from strong friction performance stirring.

4.Steel rubber lining pipe has high strength, high impact resistance property.
Rubber elastomer has low density and light weight, also has good vibration absorption and impact resistance property, high strength, good rigidity, no creep, good water hammer resistance, easy to transport and install.
5.Steel rubber lining pipe has good adaptability.
Before vulcanization, rubber lining can be deformed at any shape, thus, it can be lined to complex equipments, rubber and metal has high bonding strength.
6.Steel rubber lining pipe has wide temperature range.
Steel rubber lining pipe can be long-time used between -50¡ãC to 110¡ãC, rubber lining won¡¯t fall off because of temperature change.
7.Steel rubber lining pipe has good aging resistance property and long service life.
Under normal pressure, temperature and medium, steel rubber lining pipe can be used for 15 years (theoretical value). After using for 6-8 years, please rotate the pipe in 90¡ã to lengthen the service life. Steel rubber lining pipe can be lined with rubber for many times, which greatly lower the cost.