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Lanphan Rubber Bellows Expansion Joints Basic Knowledge Summary

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Lanphan rubber bellows expansion joints not only has the universality of general rubber bellows expansion joints, but also has its unique characters, which greatly satisfied the using requirements for different service conditions and clients. Please see below contents.

What is GJQ(X)-DF-I stands for?
Maybe this abbreviation is a little hard for you to understand, because actually it¡¯s the abbreviation for Chinese Pinyin. GJQ stands for rubber shock absorber, X stands for rubber, D stands for single sphere, F stands for flange connection, and I stands for floating flange type.

What¡¯s the working pressure of Lanphan rubber bellows expansion joints?(MPa)
0.25, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5.

What¡¯s the merit and demerit of Lanphan hand built spool type and mould pressure forming rubber bellows expansion joints?
Hand built spool type: Not limited by length and dimension, can produce non-standard products. But processing time is long and costs more.
Mould pressure forming type: Short processing time and low cost. But limited by connection length and dimension, we can only produce standard products.

Thread Rubber Bellows Expansion Joints

What¡¯s the test pressure of Lanphan rubber bellows expansion joints? And holding time?

Lanphan rubber bellows expansion joints test pressure is 1.5 times of design pressure, holding time is 10 minutes.

What¡¯s the service life of Lanphan rubber bellows expansion joints?

In general the service life is 10 years, in special condition, it up to 40 years.

What¡¯s the inspection items of Lanphan rubber bellows expansion joints?

Our company mainly inspect following items: geometric dimension, appearance quality, flanges, clamps, pressure test, displacement performance, burst pressure, etc..

How many flange sealing types?

Two types. Floating flange type and full face type.

How many rubber bellows expansion joints structures does your company have?Six types. Single sphere, double sphere, triple sphere, four sphere, water pump suction type and bending type. For rubber sphere, there are concentric same diameter, concentric different diameter and eccentric different diameter.