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How to Mend Rubber Lining?

2017/7/3 16:17:56      Click£º

Rubber lining material can be divided into soft rubber, hard rubber and semi hard rubber, according to using condition, generally we use NR, CR, SBR to manufacture rubber sheet lining. Rubber lining procedures includes surface treatment of metal base material, rubber sheet lining process, cutting, fitting and vulcanization. Rubber lining is the chemical anticorrosion, mechanical anti abrasion material, has been widely used as the inner lining of chemical engineering equipment, slush pump, flotation machine, mill and cement grinding mill equipment. Commonly seen rubber sheet lining has two types: heat vulcanization and cold vulcanization.

rubber lining workshopWhen the rubber lining is damaged, how to repair it?
1.Firstly, check the machine completely can make sure where should be repaired.2.Then begin the surface treatment, clean up the damaged rubber lining parts. Make sure metal parts has original gloss, rubber lining edge has certain roughness, and welding line is smooth.3.Strictly mix the rubber material according to requirements.4.Use muddy repair material to mend base body, then mend the original rubber lining, be sure to make repaired parts and original parts into a whole.5.Protect the repaired rubber lining parts by fluid material.6.Complete repair, solidify the coating.For some little area mending place, you can just lay the rubber sheet lining on a table, smear some bruised ginger on it and expose it under sunshine for 2-3 hours.