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Four Doní»ts When Using Metal Hose Connectors

2017/7/27 15:29:32      Clickú║

  Although metal hose connectors owns excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance capacity, improper operation methods also has bad using effects on the hoses, even shorten the using life of metal hose connectors. Today Henan Lanphan will tell you four doní»ts when using metal hose connectors.

1.Doní»t let acid and chloridion contained medium flow through metal hose connectors, otherwise, the hose would be corroded within short terms.

2.Doní»t apply metal hose connectors to corrosive gas and nearby ocean environments, but you can use product which has been taken chlorine resistant measure.

3.Doní»t exceed using pressure for the metal hose connectors, please confirm using pressure, if exceed, it may damage the hose, besides, different using temperature bears different pressure bearing strength.

4.Doní»t exceed allowance deflection, please confirm allowance deflection before using, if exceed, the hose service life would be shorten.


Remember above four doní»ts can efficiently solve problems that caused by fault using methods. Henan Lanphan reminds customers that grasping correct using methods and maintenance methods can better lengthen the service life of metal hose connectors.