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How to Maintain the Tube Furnace£¿

2017/7/12 10:30:45      Click£º

Tube furnace is mainly used in glass, metallurgy,  lithium battery cathode materials,  heat treatment,new energy, tools and other professional equipment industry. It is very important, now let us tell you how to maintain it.

SK2 Tube Furnace

1. When the tube furnace is used, the input power shall not exceed the rated power, the furnace temperature shall not exceed the rated temperature, in order to avoid the damage of heating element and furnace lining. It is forbidden to pour all kinds of liquid and dissolved metal into the furnace tube, so as to keep the furnace clean.

2. The heating rate of each temperature range should not be too different. When the heating rate is set up, the physical and chemical properties of the sintered materials should be taken into full consideration, so as to avoid spraying and polluting the furnace.

3. Regularly check the temperature control system¡¯s electrical contact parts are good.

4. Our tube furnace is suitable for the following working conditions:

(4) No obvious inclination, vibration and bump.

(1) The environmental temperature is between -10¡æ~75¡æ.

(2) The relative humidity of the surrounding environment is not more than 85%.

(3) There is no conductive dust, explosive gases and corrosive gases that seriously destroy metals and insulation materials around the furnace.

(5) When the tube furnace was long-term shelved or the working environment is wet, you should pay attention to do the drying operation for 3 hours and less than or equal to 300 ¡æ, so as to avoid the occurrence of chapped damp, affect the insulation effect.