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Select Rubber Expansion Joint for Emulsified Liquid Pipeline

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 Rubber expansion joints is a high elasticity, high gas tightness, medium resistant and weather resistant pipeline connecting piece. Rubber expansion joints can absorb the axial, lateral and angular displacement, also reduce and shock and noise, has advantages of small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy to install and maintain.


spool type rubber expansion joints

 Do you know what kind of rubber expansion joints should be used in emulsified liquid pipeline? Before finding the answer, first we are going to talk about what is emulsified liquid.

Emulsified liquid also known as turning liquid, is a kind of high performance semi synthesis metal working liquid, especially suitable for processing aluminum and it alloy, but it not suitable for leaded material, such as brass and tin metal. Emulsified liquid has long service life, mainly used to prevent processing components from been rust or been corroded, even prevent germ infection.

The main ingredients of emulsified liquid is oil material, so when choosing rubber expansion joints for emulsified liquid pipeline, the rubber material must be oil resistant. As we known, NBR has excellent oil resistant property, so NBR rubber expansion joint is the best choice for emulsified liquid pipeline. The NBR rubber expansion joint can be used at least for 3-5 years on emulsified liquid pipeline, you don¡¯t need to change the rubber expansion joint over and over again.

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