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Rubber Expansion Joint Manufacturing Progress

2017/3/17 9:57:51      Click£º

Rubber expansion joint consists of rubber body and metal flanges or screw thread, which is used in metal pipe system for vibration isolation, noise reduction and displacement compensation. Here we introduce you the manufacturing progress of rubber flexible joint.

How to produce a rubber expansion joint?

1. Raw material: We never use reclaimed raw rubber, rubber is imported from USA. Before used, raw material should be tested, including physical test and some chemical experiment to test the hardness and other performance;

2. Rubber pretreating and ingredients;

3. Milling: First, rubber plastication; second, rubber mixing, we will add rubber compounds, like sulfurzing reagent, surfactant, softener, stabilizer, foaming agent and some special compounds, at the same time, rubber will be extruded into plates, cut, produce 45 degree angle. The plates cannot directly be used, they should be cooled about 24 hours;

4. Moulding;

5. Vulcanizing: We have the largest vulcanizing tank in Asia ø5000mm*15000mm, right time, temperature, pressure is very important;

6. Test and experiment: These tests should be done: hydraulic test, resistance to vacuum, displacement of the performance, rubber physical properties, thickness and the strength and other quality test;

7. Package: Usually we use wooden case or steel frame to package the rubber expansion joint.