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What Causes Flange Leakage?

2017/2/25 13:13:43      Click£º

The flanges leakage troubled many users, to offer better piping engineering service, we concluded the seven cause for flange leakage.

1. Pipe and flange are out of the vertical, and in different cardiac, flange face is unparallel. When interior medium pressure exceed gasket loading pressure, the flange will leak. This may caused by incorrect installation or maintenance, it¡¯s easy to be found. Just check the flanges carefully.

2. Pipe are vertical with flange, but the two flanges are in different cardiac. This cause bolts can¡¯t freely fit in the bolt holes. One simple way is broaching or change a smaller bolt, but this method would lower the tightening force of flanges.

3. Excessive flange gap. This may cause external load such as axial or bending load, gasket will lose pressing force by shock, gradually lack of sealing property and leak medium.

4. Pipe and flange are in same cardiac, but bolt hole distance error between flange and flange is too large. This will cause stress and the stress won¡¯t disappear, shear force on bolt for a long time, and the shear force will cut off the bolt.

5. Stress influence. Under correct pipe flange installation, medium go through the pipe may cause temperature change within pipe, and this lead to pipe expansion or deformation.

6. Corrosion. Long-time corrosion to the gasket may do harm to the steel flange. Corrosive medium permeate to the gasket, gasket become soft and lose pressing force, and cause flange leakage.

7. Thermal expansion. Thermal expansion may cause the expansion or shrinkage to bolts, then gasket has gaps, and the flange will has leakage.