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How to Lubricate Rubber Expansion Joint?

2017/1/5 15:40:20      Click:

Rubber expansion joints is used to reduce noise and compensate displacement in piping systems, it is a critical part in piping systems. By routine maintenance of rubber expansion joints, users can easily check the performance and signs of fatigue, long before the actual failure occurs. Lubricating for rubber expansion joints is the important procedure in routine upkeep. We introduces you 4 lubricating methods as below.

Pressure Lubricating: It means takes advantages of machinery(such as oil pump and priming can) to automatic lubricate the parts. Mainly employed for large or medium size rubber expansion joints with crosshead.

Splash Lubricating: It means use oil pole to throw the oil to splash on lubricant housings, so air cylinder and movement mechanism needs to but one same lubricating oil. Mainly used in small size rubber expansion joints without crosshead. But it has weakness, engine oil is hard to filter and oil level must be strictly controlled.

Injection Lubricating: Make injected oil mist along with gas to enter the air cylinder, etc. Ultrahigh pressure rubber joints, slip sheet rubber joints and screwed rubber joints mainly use this method.

Oil Drop Lubricating: Takes advantages oil cup and oil pipeline to transport lubricating oil to machine parts, or use an oilcan to add lubricating oil on time.

Oil-Ring Lubricating: Use the rotating axle to drive the oil ring to conduct lubrication to rubber expansion joints.