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Advantages of Fabric Expansion Joints

2017/1/16 10:59:07      Click£º

Fabric expansion joints are vital components in most industrial plants. They are installed as flexible connections in duct and piping systems to take up or compensate for thermal expansion, vibration and/or misalignment. Selecting the right expansion joint for your system is important toward ensuring reliable operation. A properly designed and installed expansion joint can ensure uninterrupted plant performance between scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

What¡¯s the advantages of fabric expansion joints?

1. Compensates for movements in several directions simultaneously;

2. Minimal reactive forces; 

3. Advanced insulation design ensures minimal heat loss;

4. Reduced surface temperature on the outer layer during operation to protect site personnel;

5. Requires little space for installation;

6. Easily adapts to existing physical conditions;

7. Easy to transport.