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Three Connection Methods of Flexible Braided Hose

2017/11/18 13:42:18      Click£º
Flexible braided hose is a high quality piping connector, it is manufactured by thin-wall stainless steel bellows. Flexible braided hose has advantages of good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on, it is popular in the application range of petroleum, chemical engineering, ferrous metallurgy, rubber, machinery, electric power, etc..

Well, do you know how to connect the flexible braided hose to pipelines? Henan Lanphan introduces the three connection methods of flexible braided hoses. Generally there are three connection methods: flange connection, screw or thread connection and fast coupling connection. For small diameter flexible braided hose, we often use screw or fast coupling connection, and for large diameter flexible braided hose, we often use flange connection.

flexible braided hose

Flange type: for flexible braided hose whose diameter is above 25mm, in condition of bearing general working pressure, flange type is the main type. Its sealing model is matching with mortise. Flanged connection flexible braided hose has good sealing performance, but high processing difficulty, sealing face is easy to injured.

Quick type: for flexible braided hose whose diameter is below 100mm, suitable for place where need quick dispatch. It use O sealing ring to seal which is made by fluoroplastic or special rubber. Quick coupling connection flexible braided hose is especially suitable for environment such as fire ground and battlefield. You only need several seconds to separate or butt joint a set of joints.

Thread type: for flexible braided hose whose diameter is below 50mm, in condition of bearing higher working pressure, thread is the best choice. When screw down the thread, the inner and outer taper face fit closely, in this way to achieve sealing. Generally taper angle is 60 degree, also has 74 degree. Although thread type flexible braided hose has better sealing property, when installation, it must maintain the concentricity of butt joints.