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Lanphan Offers Various Types of Rubber Sphere for Your Choice!

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Rubber expansion joints are the commonly used piping connector which used to compensate displacement and reduce noise. The major parts of a rubber expansion joints are rubber sphere and connection piece, connecting piece includes diversified types: flange connection, thread connection, clamp connection, etc. Mould pressing rubber sphere and hand-built spool rubber sphere are two manufacturing methods, and rubber spheres are also diversified in shapes, you can find four types of rubber sphere here at Henan Lanphan: single sphere rubber expansion joint s, twin sphere rubber expansion joints, three sphere rubber expansion joints and four sphere rubber expansion joints.

Twin Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints


Single sphere rubber expansion joints are the featured products of our company, it has high elasticity, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, high gas tightness, widely used in many areas: petroleum, chemical engineering, natural gas, power plant, construction, etc..

Twin sphere rubber expansion joints are installed in piping to connect valves. With double rubber sphere, the twin sphere rubber expansion joint owns stronger compensation ability. For twin sphere rubber expansion joints whose diameter above DN200, a fixed support or anti pulling off device is required to ensure safety. Besides, when there are long distance between two pipes, twin sphere rubber expansion joints are the best choices.

Three sphere and four sphere rubber expansion joints are the extension of single and double sphere rubber expansion joints, Lanphan has the ability to manufacturer multiple sphere rubber flex joint. We sincerely welcome your kindly inquiry, we looking forward to receive your inquiry at !