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Flexible Metal Hose Damage in Different Industries

2016/9/30 10:11:08      Click£º

With the continuously development of our foreign trade business, the inquiry and order of flexible metal hose are increasing. Combine the customer feedback and experiences from technicians, we sum up the easily occurred problem of flexible metal hose in different industries.

Damage of Steel Wire Net Cover

1. Pitting corrosion and stress corrosion damage the steel wire net cover and make the flexible metal hose lose efficacy. A company¡¯s flexible metal hose on coastal heat supply pipeline system has burst during the production operation. It caused 10t¡¯s oil leakage to inland river and seriously polluted the environment.

2. CI etching damage the steel wire net cover and cause efficacy losing. For example, a burst has been occurred in flexible metal hose which connect to air compressor near the piping side on a boat, and it result in a totally breaking between the flexible metal hose¡¯s steel wire net cover and joint.

Flexible Metal Hose¡¯s Material does not meet the requirement

Because the selected material for flexible metal hose does not meet the requirements of operating environment, it aggravates corrosion of the pipeline and leads to piping breaking. For instance, the leakage of flexible metal bellows hose on assistant nozzles in continuous catalytic reforming unit¡¯s heating furnace in an oil refinery¡¯s aromatic hydrocarbon workshop is caused by this factor.

Low Strength of Flexible Metal Hose

The low strength on hose¡¯s fixed support and outer steel mesh can cause the flexible metal hose which near the water pump exit have the problem of outer net damage, liner local distortion and dislocation in soft section during the operation.

Improper Pipeline Support Setting

Improper pipeline support setting makes the whole pipeline system lateral displacement, and it cause efficacy losing of flexible metal hose been stretched. For instance, the flexible metal hose we installed before oil tank in and out the oil pipeline valve often lose efficacy for distortion because of this problem.