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Installation Instruction of Negative Pressure Prevention Support Ring on Rubber Joint

2016/9/2 17:26:34      Click:

In general, the fracture surface of rubber joint is convex state, it can bear negative pressure of 0.5Mpa; while rubber joint is flexible elastomer, once exceed the limitation, it will be absorbed by negative pressure and shows sunken state, it will get back into shape once negative pressure disappears. Service life of rubber joint would be shorten if this condition shows over and over again, for safety consideration, the negative pressure prevention metal support ring is necessary. Following is the installation instruction:

1. Discharge the rubber joint, install the metal ring to the highest point on inner arc, use metal hammer to strike the inner side of steel ring, make it closely fit the rubber joint inwall, then lock the ring tightly.

2. Install the rubber joint to its original place.

3. The support ring can be manufactured by δ6360 flat steel, the size is same with round steel.