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When To Replace Your Metal Hose?

2016/9/18 15:22:59      Click£º

Metal hose is a widespread pipe to pipe connection device. Do you know when to replace your coupling pipe fitting of metal hose?

1. Weld failure. The corrugation pipe of metal hose mostly use longitudinal seam welding pipe, some worse quality welding line makes pipe lack of strength and cracked. Manufacturers should strictly control the quality of welding line.

2. Burst caused by insufficient pressure resistant property of corrugation pipe. This failure generally is caused by incorrect metal hose model selection, buyers should strictly according with design and type selection standard to determine bellows specification and net cover specification.

3. Fatigue fracture. Under dynamic working condition, the cyclic loading function makes metal hose damage by endurance crack.

4. Falling off of the steel wire net cover. It always caused by cold solder joint, bad welding quality makes steel wire net cover fall off.

5. Steel wire net broken. Since the improper installation method, or bearing excess pressure, under stretch force and warp force, the steel wire net may broken, can it may cause medium leakage.

6. Mass defect of inner welding quality. When welding pipe body to pipe joint, it may cause weld defect, and the defect is difficult to find out in pressure test, since it¡¯s in inner connection part. And it¡¯s a great hidden danger in pipeline systems.