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How To Better Install Large Diameter Rubber Joint?

2016/9/10 10:46:07      Click£º

Large diameter rubber joint, commonly refers to rubber joint whose diameter is larger than 1000mm. The large diameter rubber joint often applied in national level major project and pipeline, plays a critical role on long-term development of the national economy. We¡¯re a professional rubber joint manufacturer, we are capable to produce DN3600 rubber joint, taking the leading position in rubber joint industry.

For the installation of large rubber joint, firstly, large diameter rubber joint bear a large amount of inertial pressure, especially pipeline near to pump valve. Although large diameter rubber joint has function of shock reduction, for better protection, generally we add spacing bolt to limit rubber joint¡¯s displacement.

Secondly, large diameter means we must consider the medium vertical gravity on rubber joint, so pipeline support is necessary. Reasonable stress guarantee the stable operation of rubber joint.