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Basic Structure and Function of Non-metal Fabric Compensator

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1. Fabric: fabric is the main expansion body of non-metal expansion joints, it is a multi-layer high sealing composite of excellent silicone rubber or high silica PTFE and alkali-free glass silk wadding. Used for absorbing swelling capacity, prevent air leakage and rainwater leakage.

2. Stainless steel screen: its the lining of non-metal expansion joints, used for prevent sundries entering into expansion joints, and stop thermal insulation material being lost.

3. Thermal insulation cotton: it has function of heat preservation and gas tightness, it composed of glass fiber cloth, high silica cloth and all kinds of heat preservation cotton felt, the length and width is the same with outer fabric, good extensibility and extension strength.

4. Thermal insulation packing layer: it consists of multi-layer ceramic fiber and high temperature resistant material, its thickness is confirmed by medium temperature and heat conductivity coefficient of heat-resisting material.

5. Frame: its the outline support of non-metal expansion joints, to ensure enough strength and stiffness, frame material fit in medium temperature. Generally, below 400℃ use Q235-A, above 600℃ use stainless steel or heat-resisting steel.

6. Baffle: baffle plays function of stream guidance and prevent heat insulation layer. Baffle material fit in medium temperature, anti-corrosion material. Baffle will not influence expansion joint displacement.