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Category of Rubber Hose by Lanphan

2016/8/26 14:12:51      Clickú║

According to working condition, some of the frequently seen rubber hose categories as follows:

Cooling water insulated pipe

Water delivery hose. It is used for irrigation, gardening, construction, fire protection, equipment and tanker cleaning, agricultural fertilizer, excrement and industrial sewage discharging. Most lining material is PVC and EPDM.

High pressure steam pipe

Hot water and steam flexible pipe. It is used in cooling water of refrigeration equipment, cold and hot water of engine, food processing, especially on hot water and saturated steam in dairy product plant.most lining material is EPDM.

Drinking water delivery pipe

Beverage and food rubber hose. It is used for delivering non-fat beverage and food such as milk, carbonic acid, orange juice, beer, animal and vegetable oil, portable water. Most lining material is NR or synthetic rubber. Usually it needs FDA, DVGW A level, KTW or CE certifications.

Heavy air hose

Air hose. It is used in compressor, pneumatic device, mining and construction. Most lining material is NBR, PVC recombination, PU and SBR. Usually it has strict requirements on applicable pressure.