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Features of Pipe Expansion Joint

2016/7/30 11:29:55      Click£º

Pipe expansion joints is a pipe fitting used to compensate pipeline displacement. Commonly used pipe expansion joints includes rubber expansion joints and metal pipe expansion joints. Our company¡¯s pipe expansion joints is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, drainage, petroleum, light industry, water supply, freezing, sanitation, water heating, electric power and fir control.

Features of rubber pipe expansion joints:

1. Reduce noise, strong vibration absorption ability.

2. Light weight, small volume, good elasticity, easy to maintain and install.

3. Generate displacement in axial direction, crosswise direction, radial direction and angle direction.

4. Made from special synthetic rubber, high temperature resistant, acid-base and oil resistant.

Features of metal pipe expansion joints:

1. Large compensation dosage.

2. High temperature resistant.

3. High pressure resistant.