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Tips About Rubber Expansion Joint

2016/7/23 11:53:45      Click:

If the rubber joint has following situation, please stop using it and change a new one.

Firstly, if the rubber expansion joint has obvious scratches and crack, you need to change a new rubber joint in case of leakage.

Secondly, before install rubber joint, please carefully check its sealing end fave, if the end face is damaged, which will influence sealing property, you can not continue using this rubber expansion joint.

Thirdly, press the rubber joints spherical surface, is it is very hard, that will greatly influence its flexible displacement dosage. We think it may caused by two reasons: one is the vulcanizing process is not enough, there exist some crude rubber in the joint; the other is it may be kept for a long time in storage, which will influence rubber joints service life.