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Main Function of Silicone Rubber

2016/7/15 16:08:28      Clickú║

1. High temperature property. Although silicone rubber strength in normal temperature is only the half of natural rubber or some synthetic rubber, when temperature over 200íŠ, silicone rubber can still main suppleness, rebound resilience and surface hardness, and there is no change in mechanical property.

2. In general, the glass transition temperature of low temperature property silicone rubber is -70~-50íŠ, special formula can reach to -100íŠ, it means a lot to aviation and aerospace industries.

3. Electrical performance. Excellent insulating property, also excellent corona resistance and arc resistance property.

4. Physical and mechanical properties. The physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber is inferior to general rubber in normal temperature, but in high temperature of 150튠and low temperature of -50íŠ, it is superior than general rubber.

5. Oil resistance and chemical reagent resistance.

6. Gas permeation performance. Its gas permeation performance for air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide is 30-50 times higher than natural rubber.

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