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What Are the Pipe Expansion Joints Used Forú┐

2016/12/3 15:16:08      Clickú║

A joint is most commonly a bellows of stainless steel, plastic or an elastomer such as rubber. So do you know what are the pipe expansion joints used for?

Rubber expansion joints are used typically to dampen noise and to absorb any thermal expansion or contraction within pipe work. The flexibility of the material means axial, lateral or angular pipe work can be worked on. For flexibility and mobility in pipes, rubber alternatives of expansion joints are becoming a popular choice above the rest for those factors, plus more. They are adept at compensating for excessive movement which can occur during heavy-duty applications.

Stainless steel expansion joints are used in a wide range of industrial applications including, but not exclusive to, power generation, chemical installations and building services pipework. This form of expansion joint is the most common used one available, which is due to its resilience against a number of things. Vibration is one challenge it can tolerate due to the high quality metal it consists of, which makes it a suitable and popular choice for industries such as power generation, process plants, steam and many more.

Other expansion joints available are PTFE and bellows. Rather than replacing an entire pipe once you notice it is becoming worn or you notice signs of aging and other faults, using a PTFE expansion joint can save time, money and provides longevity to the pipe. This type of joint, as well as any others, can be tailored to create a custom joint which suits your requirements.