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Design Principle of Flexible Metal Hose

2016/12/29 17:16:09      Clickú║

1. Installation stress of pipeline.

In complex pipeline system, installation always been restricted by space and location, cold straightening value is commonly seen. Based on different pipeline diameter and spot condition, the cold straightening value differs from several millimeters to dozens of millimeters, even hundreds of millimeters. The larger of the cold straightening value, the higher of the internal stress, internal stress is a hidden danger to the pipeline system. Since braided metal hose is able to bend freely and generate minimize internal stress in rated bending radius, thus, it is extremely convenient for installation, thatí»s the reason why metal hose is the essential pipe fitting for some pipeline systems.

2. Compensate pipeline location.

Although rubber hose has excellent flexibility and fatigue resistance property, it has weakness in pressure bearing, temperature resistance and aging resistance, usually has short service life. Metal hose has excellent overall performance, in general industry, metal hose is the best choice for compensating pipeline displacement.

3. Vibration absorption.

Braided metal hose can not only promote the fatigue fracture ability, but also reduce noise.