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Metal Hose Applied in Chemical Plant

2016/12/16 9:41:11      Click£º

Metal hose is used in a wide variety of applications in some of the harshest industrial environments. Stainless steel hose can handle temperature and pressure extremes, and is not susceptible to permeation of the media. In addition, stainless steel corrugated hose has the ability to handle a wider variety of chemicals than most other hose types. For all of these reasons, metal hoses are widely used in all types of chemical plants.

One of the main applications for metal hose in a chemical plant is at chemical blending stations. When designing these blending stations, every aspect of the hose must be taken into account. This includes the plumbing, the piping, and the orientation of the header. Avoiding tight bends in the hose, a very common issue at chemical plants, is a key when planning the piping system. Another often overlooked attribute of a metal hose in a chemical plant is that many applications require an operator to handle the hose on a regular basis.

Since these hoses are handled so frequently, choosing the correct hose and assembly configuration are essential. Metal hose has the ability to handle the nasty chemicals while still maintaining a weight light enough for the workers to move the hose with ease. It also offers a very long working live length compared to non-metallic assemblies, which further facilitates handling by the operators.