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How to Solve Rubber Joint Aging?

2016/11/4 13:22:43      Click£º

Flexible rubber joint is widely used in all kinds of pipeline. As a commonly used pipe fitting, rubber joint can efficiently compensate the lateral, axial and angular displacement of pipeline, as well as reduce pipeline noise. Rubber joint aging is one of the biggest problems, it always presents in several aspects:

1. Rubber joint sphere become hard, lack of elasticity. It may cause cracking for the rubber joint.

2. Rubber joint sphere outside is lack of tarnish, inside of sphere has faint yellow and green dirt. If rubber joint exposed in air for a long period, it may oxidize and become lack of tarnish, and dirt cover the sphere. For dirt inside the rubber joint, it may caused by insufficient desulfurization.

As the rubber joint manufacturer, what we can do to solve the rubber joint aging is try our best to avoid rubber joint exposed in the air for a long period, also avoid exposed by sunlight directly. Also try our best to sufficient desulfurization in processing.