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Manufacturing Technology of Metal Bellows

2016/11/25 11:47:10      Click£º

Henan Lanphan bellows is a kind of metal pipe fittings which mainly used for compensate pipeline¡¯s axial displacement and lateral displacement. Please follow by Henan Lanphan to know metal pipe connectors bellows¡¯ manufacturing technology.

Roller forming. The roller forming method of metal pipe fittings bellows mainly rely on material¡¯s plasticity to move roll finishing all kinds of complicated shape shaft lever, valve core and special fastener. Comparing to cutting and grinding technology, roller forming has advantages of high efficiency, material saving and high strength of products. The roller forming technology of metal pipe connectors bellows especially suitable for processing too long or too short or difficult to cut metal pipe fittings, particularly for large metal pipe connectors of bellows orders.

Hydro forming. Metal pipe fittings of bellow takes hydro forming technology as a commonly used manufacturing technology for metal pipe fittings of bellows.

Machinery expansion forming. Under the function of external force(mainly tensile stress), to make decrease panel veneer¡¯s part material and increase superficial area, so as to get needed geometrical shape and size.

Welding forming. Metal pipe fittings bellows which is processed by welding forming generally can be used as sensitive element, sealing element, isolation medium, pipe connection and temperature compensator. Welding formed metal pipe connectors of bellows owns advantages of good sealing property, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and large deformation and long service life.

FDM, Fused Deposition Modeling. The advantages of FDM method is high usage of material, low cost of material, various material choices and simple technology. It applicable for product¡¯s concept modeling and shape function testing, but not suitable for producing large fittings.