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Duckbill Check Valve Applied in Sea Drainage Project

2016/11/19 14:22:03      Click:

Duckbill check valve, also known as rubber check valve, widely used in water drainage, sea drainage and pump station. Whats the advantages of duckbill check valve applied in sea drainage project?

1. Maintaining higher jet velocity. In condition of lower discharge valve, discharge outlet which installed duckbill check valve still posses higher jet velocity.

2. Preventing seawater and sediment. Outlet of duckbill check valve is changed with flow, when the quantity of waste water effluent approach zero, it will close, in this way to prevent seawater and sediment.

3. Beneficial for washing discharge pipe.

4. Obtaining higher dilution degree.

5. Anti-corrosion. Duckbill check valve is made from rubber material, rubber is the excellent material to prevent corrosion.