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Merits of Rubber Expansion Joints?

2016/11/11 9:32:17      Click£º

Rubber expansion joints and metal expansion joints are two commonly used pipe joints. Comparing with metal expansion joints, do you know the advantages of rubber expansion joints?

1. Isolate vibration and noise. Rubber expansion joint can efficiently isolate vibration and noise, which is vital to air conditioning system.

2. Strong movement resilience. When metal expansion joints was completely compressed, it may cause permanent deformation; while rubber owns good elasticity, when compressed, rubber expansion joint can back to normal state.

3. No embrittlement. If metal expansion joints under continuously movement, finally it will cause fracture on brittle point; rubber expansion joint won¡¯t.

4. Non-corrosion. We can choose different rubber material as inner and outer rubber layer according to different medium and working condition. Different rubber material is resistant to different medium and working condition, also rubber expansion joints don¡¯t have scale formation.

5. No need of sealing gaskets, easy to seal between flanges. Since rubber expansion joints outer edge is equal to flange outer diameter, which formed a completely covered sealing area, slight pressure is able to seal.

6. Axial and vertical displacement only requires minimum pressure. In condition of same specification generate same displacement amount, required pressure of metal expansion joints is 6 times of rubber expansion joints.

7. Easy to install. Rubber expansion joints is light and flexible, very convenient to install, and it has no need of gasket, which shorten the installation time.

8. Long endurance. Analyzed from vibration test: we can see that metal expansion joint is cracked at 1547 circle, while rubber joints is still on good condition after 167428 circles.