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Possible Failures of Rubber Expansion Joints

2016/10/22 13:30:23      Click£º

Flexible rubber joints, featured products of our company, sells well all around the world. Henan Lanphan rubber expansion joints consists of inner and outer rubber layer, cord fabric layer and bead ring, connecting to flange or clamp, vulcanized molding. Rubber flexible expansion joints is an ideal products to reduce noise and vibration, as well as compensate thermal expansion of pipeline, that¡¯s the reason why rubber joints are widely used in various pipeline systems.

Henan Lanphan has been experienced in rubber joints production and selling for almost 30 years, comprehensively analyzed of the clients feedback, we introduces you the possible failures when rubber joints applied in pipelines.

1. Pulling out. Main cause: If rubber expansion joints is applied in vibrate place or slope or bend pipelines, it may pull out because of too large working pressure. Advise: install anti-pull out device for the flexible expansion joints.

2. Cracking. Main cause: different service life and working environment. Advise: manufacturer should use bead ring to reinforce the rubber expansion joints. Instead, users should replace the rubber joint material to better adjust to working environment.

3. Hollow units. Main cause: if rubber joints is installed on water pump entrance, water pump excessive pumping may cause hollow units to rubber joints. Possible situations: water pump entrance is blocked or water pump pipeline is too small.

Henan Lanphan, as a professional flexible expansion joints manufacturer, trying our best to improve rubber joint quality in order to avoid possible failures is our duty. We would reinforce the rubber joint strength during production, and equip with negative pressure reinforcing ring according to clients actual application condition.