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The Application of the Expansion Joint in the Electric Power Industry

2015/12/7 17:44:05      Click£º
In nuclear power plant, thermal power plant and thermal power plant steam turbine generating unit, heat pipe, pump is widely used in areas such as the expansion joint.For steam turbine rotor and shell inner wall of the radial clearance of the radial clearance and seal is very small, in order to smooth running, between turbine and driven machinery should strictly for secondary reasons, requirement of external forces acting on the turbine should be less than the allowable values of the steam turbine, so the pipe connected to the steam turbine, such as between middle and low cylinder pipe, steam extraction pipe and exhaust pipe should be the waveform expansion joint, the rigid connection for flexible connection, to reduce the effect of the force on the turbine.And pipeline arrangement, should avoid to use unconstrained axial type expansion joint and therefore need a setting in the bent pipe thrust fixed bracket, prevent the movement of the pipeline, so that the pressure caused by the expansion joint blind plate force and reaction forces of elastic joint action on the steam turbine and fixed bracket, often exceeds the permission of the steam turbine thrust, a long tie constraints such as expansion joint, the force of long rod bear, do not need in the bent pipe fixed bracket, steam turbine only much smaller than blind plate force under elastic reaction or bent pipe pressure balance type expansion joint, blind plate by swinging rod, under don't effect on steam turbine.