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Corrosion Makes Effects on Rubber Expansion Bellows

2015/11/24 17:12:03      Clickú║

Expansion bellows for external links the flange of the corrosion environment. At the time of installation on the flange bellows sets of plastic bags or other methods to a certain extent can protect environment on the corrosion of the flange.
To be aware of in the water pipeline is to prevent the corrosion phenomenon occurring in a pipeline transport system in the transport of water to produce the secondary pollution, affect water quality, and make the water polluted. Corrosion to pipe transportation system to reduce water conveyance capacity, higher power consumption, the pipe "growth rings" increasing year by year, not only affect the water quality of water supply, also seriously affect the original pipeline section water, reduce water conveyance capacity, also make the pipe resistance increase, and cause the loss of water supply pressure, in order to ensure that water service water pressure, high lift water pump must be used to increase the water pressure, this is not only a waste of electricity, will also increase water loss.