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Compensator, expansion joint, expansion joints installation considerations

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1 compensator, installation of expansion joint, expansion joints shall be in accordance with the requirements for piping construction drawing and compensator installation instructions.
2 install the compensator, expansion joint, expansion joints of pipeline must be properly oriented and fixed compensator can play a role, thus guide and fixed bracket set must be strictly according to the relevant technical data of the design department.For guidance, the principle of fixed bracket setting, please see detailed "corrugated compensator installation".
3 compensator, expansion joint, expansion of frugality, corrugated pipe is made of thin stainless steel plate forming, so the transportation, be careful not to knock during assembly and welding, and makes such as scratch, arc, welding splash damage of corrugated pipe.
4 before installation should remove foreign bodies in corrugated pipe and pipe, ensure the normal movement of
5 have to request for the compensator should be installed according to the requirements of the medium flow arrow.
6 in order to make the bellows are in good working condition, cannot be used when installing compensator, expansion joint, the deformation of the expansion joints including axial, lateral and torsional to reset piping installation error.
7 compensator, expansion joint, expansion joints installation after the crackdown, in front of the system is running to dismantle all transport fixed screw painted yellow.