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Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd., as the leading manufacturer of flexible rubber joint, metal/metallic expansion joint, steel bellows, nonmetal/nonmetallic compensator, dismantling joint, rubber lined pipe and rubber lined pipe fittings.We can provide the best presale and aftersale.

Liwei rubber expansion joint is flexible rubber joint or soft rubber joints, rubber joint forces willy in a flexible diameter mainly used in variable diameter pipe connection compensation, can effectively reduce noise absorption pipeline vibration of pipeline, compared steel pipe joint force wei rubber joint can compensate this is steel pipe displacement expansion joint, sound-absorbing noise reduction is in a unique characteristic of flexible rubber joint, the general steel expansion joint in the process of connecting piping concentricity must is very good, but force wei in a flexible rubber joint has good flexibility characteristics so gay degree requirements during the installation process for the pipe is not very high, can adapt to various environment compensation pipeline connection.

Our flexible rubber joint when manufacturing the products strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards for production, when the factory strict inspection, to ensure that none of the unqualified products, in use process because of my company or user's rubber joint appear problem, we can according to the actual situation for the user to replace the new products. Our flexible rubber joint service tenet. Learn more a flour mill products. Our company manufacture of the products and outsourcing, outsourcing parts provided by the supplier, to assume the quality law of the People's Republic of China stipulated quality responsibility. Rubber expansion.
2. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system standard to carry on the design, fabrication, inspection. Understand our superfine mill products.
3. The company provided products to ensure trouble-free operation, comply with the standards prescribed by the state. Rubber lining pipeline anticorrosion pipeline desulphurization pipes

4. After-sales service measures:

5. Our flexible rubber joint products within one year in the process of equipment installation and operation, such as manufacturing cause quality problems occurred, for free repair or replacement; If because of the transportation, storage or use undeserved cause equipment damage, also help solve the problem, by the supplier to do a good job of technical services.

Before sale:
1. Provide technical advice and technical guidance free of charge.
After sale:
2. The free on-site debugging and installation instruction, until receive qualified experience.
3. The quality warranty guarantees in three years. One year after the warranty period internal cause adverse or products quality problems caused by equipment manufacturing equipment damaged or can't normal operation, repair and replacement parts for free;
4. Maintenance services from the buyer's formal notice (letter, fax) within 24 hours to make maintenance treatment scheme, and sent to the buyer's site for processing.
5. Be responsible for the operation of the buyer, the maintenance personnel technical skills training. 6. Provide to the buyer on the new technology, new technology, exchange information and consulting services.
7. To the relevant buyer provide maintenance technology for a long time.
8. Long-term to provide the buyer spare parts supply (outside the warranty period, warranty period for free only accept costs);
9. Life-long service;