Rubber Expansion Joints

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  • Brand   Liwei
  • Model   GJQ(X)-DF
  • Description

    Rubber expansion joints: Since 1988 Rubber:EPDM,CR,NBR,NR,etc. Flange:GB,ANSI B16.5, DIN2501, BS4...

Product Introduction

Rubber Expansion Joints


1) Product Performance of Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints

LIWEI Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/vibration, and compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces. 

Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF  is a single sphere design with less length, the supply range is from 32mm to 3600mm, and design pressure can be 1.0MPa/1.6MPa/2.5MPa, which is always used where low cost or space limitation control.


2) Application Range of  Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints 

Equipped with the excellent comprehensive performances of Rubber Expansion Joints, LIWEI Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF  can be used for lift and transportation of raw water and sewage, transportation of water supply, cooling cycle water of thermal power plant, condensate water of metallurgy industry and chemical materials of chemical industries, cooling and dilution of oil and chemical industries and flexible connection of other industries. 

LIWEI Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF  is also suitable to transport all grain and powder material and gas for its high abrasive resistance.In addition, special notifications are hereby conducted for design units and clients so as to ensure the project quality. Please note to install anti-break stop device, if LIWEI Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF  are designed to install close to pump exit nozzle and pipes¡¯ corner. If your pipes need to be buried, please use our patent-buried protective devices. In a word, remark requirement for use, and we will provide satisfactory service to you.


3) Features and Benefits of  Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints

1, Versatile hand-built construction. Made in China 

2, Absorbs directional movement

3, Absorbs vibration, noise and shock 

4, Compensates for misalignment 

5, Wide flowing arch design 

6, Virtually eliminates sediment buildup 

7, Economical fully molded construction 

8, High vacuum rating (up to 30" Hg) can be supplied for certain sizes 

9, Special grooved flange ring design, prevent rubber end pull out 

10, Solid galvanized steel floating flanges speed the installation time 

11, High tensile aircraft cable is embedded in the raised face rubber ends to prevent pull out and avoids the sharp cutting edge of solid steel rings 

12, No gaskets required; integrally rubber flanged design, no gaskets required, DIN PN10/16 drilling standard, other flange drilling available, including ANSI 150lb/300 lb, BS, and JIS


4)Materials of Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints



5)Structure of Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints



6)Dimension of  Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints



1.  The LIWEI  Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF  supply range is from DN32 to DN3600. 

2. Control units must be used when piping is not properly anchored. 

3. The rated pressure 2.5MPa products will only be sold with control units.

4. The LIWEI  Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints GJQ(X)-DF  Pressure rating is based on 30¡ãC operating temperature. The pressure rating is reduced at higher temperatures.  

5. Movements shown in the above table are non-concurrent.  

6. Normally, the flange drilling is based on DIN PN16, ANSI 150/250/300 lbs, BS PN10, JIS 10K are also available upon request.  

7. Please remark the application standard of structural strength and connection size when placing an order.  

8. If the relevant parameters of Rubber Expansion Joints  needed are not within the scope of the foregoing list, please remarks. We can design and manufacture on behalf of you.


7)Physcial and Mechancial Properties of  Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joints




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