DN2600 rubber expansion joint for Saudi Arabia power plant

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  • Brand   Liwei
  • Model   DN2600
  • Description

    <1>Size:DN2600; <2>Length:500mm; <3>Pressure:PN6; <4>Material:EPDM...

Product Introduction

Product name:DN2600 rubber expansion joint

Size of the rubber expasnion joint:DN2600

Length of the rubber expansion joint

Pressure of the rubber expansion joint:PN0.6Mpa

Material of the rubber expasnion joint:EPDM

Manufacturer of the rubber expasnion joint:Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd.

Buyer:Shandong electric power construction company

Inspecification of the rubber expansion joint:BV company.

Delivery of DN2600 rubber expansion joint

About Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd.

Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd.(The former is Henan Liwei Pipeline Equipment Co.,Ltd.) is leading manufacturer of rubber expansion joint in China.It has the largest vulcanizing tank in China,and it produced the DN3600 rubber expansion joint.And this DN3600 rubber expansion joint is the largest rubber expansion joint in China.




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