single arch flexible rubber joint

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  • Brand   Liwei
  • Model   DN200
  • Description

    <1>Size:DN200; <2>Type:Single arch; <3>Material:EPDM,CR,NR,IIR <4>Flanges:carbon steel Q235...

Product Introduction
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1. The single arch flexible rubber joint could primarily reduce the vibration and the noise of the piping system. Completely solve the different piping problems as dispalcement of joint, axial flex and etc.

2. According to different material requirment, product could be made as acid proof, alkali proof, corrosion proof to suit different medium and Environment

3. The material are good sealing, light weighting, easy to fix and maintain, also has longworking expecting. But please keep far away from sharp matal in order to avoid breaking of the rubber body.

Technical data:

Flange standard: ANSI, DIN, BS.
Rubber: EPDM or NBR.
Pressure: PN10/PN16
Burst Pressure: 48 bar.
Max Vacuum degree: 650 mm Hg.
Applicable Media: Air, water, sea water, weak acidoil, alk aline, etc.
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