double spheres rubber exapnsion joints

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  • Brand   Liwei
  • Model   DN32-DN3600
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    <1>24 years manufacturing experience; <2>CE,ISO,SGS,BV cerfiticate; <3>Material is imported from U...

Product Introduction

1.Introduction of double spheres rubber expansion joints:
1. Rubber expansion joints can greatly reduce pipeline system shock and noise. And can fundamentally resolve pipe
joints displacement, axial stretch and non-concentricity.

2. By using different materials, rubber expansion joints can be made many kinds to cater for different medium and environment.
Such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance etc.
3. The material is pure rubber, sealing is very good. It is in light weight, very easy for installation . 
Our rubber expansion joints have long life performance, but must be not contact with sharp metal instruments to avoid piercing the sphere.
4. Our rubber expansion joints can be used for lift and transportation of raw water and sewage, transportation of water supply cooling cycle water thermal power ,condensate water of metallurgy industry and chemical industry.
features of  double spheres rubber expansion joint:

1, Versatile hand-built construction. Made in China
2, Absorbs directional movement
3, Absorbs vibration, noise and shock
4, Compensates for misalignment
5, Wide flowing arch design
6, Virtually eliminates sediment buildup
7, Economical fully molded construction
8, High vacuum rating (up to 30" Hg) can be supplied for certain sizes
9, Special grooved flange ring design, prevent rubber end pull out
10, Solid galvanized steel floating flanges speed the installation time
11, High tensile aircraft cable is embedded in the raised face rubber ends to prevent pull out
and avoids the sharp cutting edge of solid steel rings
application of double spheres rubber expansion joints
lifting and transportation of raw water and sewage;
2.transportation of water supply
3.cooling cycle water of thermal power plant
4.ater of metallurgy industry and chemical materials of chemical industries
5.cooling and dilution of oil and chemical industries and flexible connection of other industries
6.transportation all grain and powder material and gas

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