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    We are: 1. Top3 pipeline suppliers in China 2. Qualified Joint Supplier in Nuclear Power Plant 3....

Product Introduction

Liwei Notes on Storage and Installation of Rubber Lined Pipe:

1, Rubber lined pipe should be placed indoors at 5 ¡æ ~ 30 ¡æ in case of frost cracking. In order to prevent rubber accelerated aging, rubber lined pipe should be stored away from direct sunlight and 1m away from the heating device.

2, If rubber lined pipe is stored in the northern cold open air, tarpaulin and grass should be covered to keep warm. Over a winter in the open air, rubber lined pipe should be re-examined according to the requirements before using.

3, In the process of storage and installation, any damages, such as collision with rubber lined pipe, scratching rubber linings, forcibly squeezing flanged rubber lining layer etc, should be avoided.

4, When rubber lined pipe is lifted, localized deformation is not allowed, which may do damages to the rubber lining. Rubber lining layer should not be bruised by lifting tools. Rubber lined pipe is not load-bearing.

5, When entering rubber lined pipe, wear soft-soled, clean shoes. Any damages to the rubber lining layer caused by ladders or scaffolding uprights etc should be avoided.
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