NR or Butyl Rubber Lined carbon steel pipe

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    1.the thickness can be 12mm 2.rubber is NR and IIR,IIR is imported from USA 3.OEM manufacturer 4....

Product Introduction

NR features:

Physical properties:

Natural rubber has high elasticity, plasticity at room temperature, has the very good mechanical strength, slightly hysteresis loss is small, heat production is low when multiple deformation is happened, so the flexing resistance is also very good, and because of wrong polarity rubber, the electric insulation performance is good.

Chemical properties:

The capability of chemical reaction of natural rubber is strong, light, heat, ozone, radiation and flexible deformation, copper, manganese and other metals can improve the ageing of the rubber, not resistant to aging is a natural rubber's Achilles heel, however, after adding the stabilizer of natural rubber, there is no much change even laid for two months under the sunlight, can be used as usual stored in warehouse about three years.

Medium resistance properties:

Natural rubber has good alkali resistance performance, but not resistant to strong acid. Because the natural rubber is polar rubber, can only a few polar solvent, in nonpolar solvent it will swell.


Rubber lined pipe production progress£º

(1)milling:in this section, the rubber will be extruded into plates,the electricity fire test must be done,in order to guarantee there is no cracks and bubbles. 

(2)if DN¡Ü300,we will use seamless steel,DN¡Ý300,we will use rolled steel plate,the pipe should be

sand blasting,we use  manganese steel grit to derust and increase the adhension.Then stick

adhesive,at the same time,electricity fire test will be done.

(3)sulfur:the largest sulfur tank in Asia:ø15000*5000,after valcanization,the third electricity fire test should be done.



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