SSJB Two End Covers Type Lapped Steel Expansion Joint

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    1.25 years manufacturing experience 2.DN65mm-DN3200mm 3.the OEM manufacturer 4.ISO9001,ISO14001,B...

Product Introduction

Working principle

Two end covers type lapped steel expansion joint at both ends are covers, in the cover channel is trapezoidal sealing ring, after the pipe insert into the sleeve, just tighten the connection bolt. Joint¡¯s lateral displacement due to the heat bilges cold shrink of medium, as a result of the action of sealing ring, the media does not leak. The end of the joint doesn¡¯t need to weld, installation is more convenient.


Two end covers type lapped steel expansion joint consists of two covers, sleeve, two sealing rings and connecting ties. The only difference between VSSJA type is that one end of VSSJA is cover, the other end is flange.

Basic dimension

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