Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe

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    1.imported rubber 2.largest vulcanizing tank in Asia 3.OEM manufacturer 4.anti-corrosion qualific...

Product Introduction

Features of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe

1 fine structure of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe: 

Reinforced framework steel pipe and rubber layer are compounded by high-performance adhesive as a whole. With special process, they are vulcanized molding in specialized equipment. Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe has overcome disadvantages of plastic or rubber wear-resistant but not pressure resistant and glass fiber brittle. Equipped with synthetic advantages of steel pipe and wear-resistant rubber, Rubber Lined Pipe (Desulfurization Pipe) is quite cost effective.

2 energy-saving of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe:

Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe is lubricating has small loss of running resistance, and save operating costs. Inner wall of desulfurization rubber lined pipe is smooth like a mirror, absolute roughness only Ra0.02668. When Desulfurization Pipe is lined with rubber, its self-lubrication and non-adhesion performances are better. Its running-resistance is about 20% smaller than ordinary steel pipe, which can save a lot of transfer of power.

3 wear resistance and corrosion resistance of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe: 

a. wear resistance

Abrasion value test results are generally in the range of 0.03 ~ 0.20 cm3/1.61km, about 3 to 5 times the wear resistance of plastic, 4-6 times higher than that of steel. 

b. corrosion resistance

Our rubber lining¡¯s chemical properties are very stable, resistant to most corrosive media and organic solvents erosion. Rubber lining used by us has better corrosion resistance performance than polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, ABS and other plastics. Except strong oxidizing acid, in a certain range of temperature and concentration, Rubber Lined Pipe (Desulfurization Pipe) offered by us is corrosion resistant to various corrosive media (acids, bases, salts) and organic media (except for naphthalene solvent). Immersed Rubber Lined Pipe (Desulfurization Pipe) in 80 kinds of organic solvents of 20 ¡æ and 80 ¡æ for 30 days, the appearance is almost the same and other physical properties are almost unchanged.

4 wide application of temperature of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe:

If desulfurization rubber lined pipes are used for a long time at -40 ¡ã C ~ +140 ¡ã C, rubber layer will note separate from steel due to temperature changes.

5 anti-scaling and retarding scaling performance of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe:

Rubber lining¡¯s surface roughness is small, only absolute roughness of 0.0267, the relative roughness of 3.311 ¡Á 10-4. Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe¡¯s water drag coefficient is 0.0165, smaller about 17 than the ordinary steel pipe. Rubber is resistant to ordinary acid, alkali and other media, which ensures no corrosion or scaling.

6 long service life of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe:
Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe has superior performance in anti-aging. Under normal pressure and temperature, service life is over 15 years or more (theoretical value). After use of 6-8 years, rotate the pipeline nearly 90 ¡ã once, its service life will be longer. Desulfurization Pipe can be lined rubber repeatedly four times, which reduce costs, short production cycle, and ensure the construction period.
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