Rubber Lined Pipe

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    1.NO reclaimed rubber,IIR is imported from USA. 2.Welding seam is very tiny, bellow DN200, the pipe...

Product Introduction

Generally speaking, the rubber lining of rubber lined pipe is resistant to acid, alkali, salt, sea water and sewage and other corrosive environments. Specifically speaking, the rubber lining formulations can be designed according to the characteristics of the working medium, targeted to improve on its resistance to the working medium. The rubber lining of rubber lined pipe is light in weight, so rubber lined pipe is cheaper than steel pipe. Meanwhile, steel pipe of rubber lined steel can be recycled. If the rubber lining is damaged, as long as it is changed, rubber lined pipe is as good as before, which saves investment costs of steel pipe. Therefore rubber lined pipe, compared with ordinary steel pipe, have an edge on price.

What affects service life of rubber lined pipes?

1, the performance of rubber

Rubber lined in the pipe should be selected according to its operating environment. If the physical and chemical properties of the rubber you select do not match with the environment, it will result in greatly reduced service life of the rubber, layer off and other serious consequences.

2, the adhesive strength of rubber and steel 

Adhesive glue used by non-rubber production enterprise is not strong. It will cause a bad decomposition of lining layer stress, lead to local uneven force, and result in a partial fast corrosion of rubber lined pipe. 

3, operation conditions

Conditions of operation place, corrosive, temperature and intensity of use will affect the life of rubber lined pipe, so a reasonable analysis should be made when rubber lined pipe is selected at the very beginning.

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