rubber expansion joint for power plant

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  • Brand   Liwei
  • Model   DN2800
  • Description

    This rubber expansion joint is DN2800 designed for nuclear power plant by Henan Liwei Industry Co.,L...

Product Introduction

DN2800 rubber expansion joint designed and manufactured by Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd.

This project is for Fangchenggang nuclear power plant. 


Now, I will introduce the manufacturing process of Liwei brand DN2800 (112") rubber expansion joint, In this article, I will provide more photos to introduce. I will say less and show more facts by photos. After read this article, you will understand why most customers choose us.

Choose correct raw material according to the application medium

For this project, we choose CR (chloroprene rubber) and IIR (butyl rubber), IIR used for inner layer, CR used for outer layer. Middle layer is polyester fabric.

a.IIR imported from USA.

IIR for rubber expansion joint


b.IIR brand is EXONMOBIL

EXONMOBIL rubber for expansion joint


c.CR is imported from Japan:

CR for rubber joint

d. Raw rubber for DN2800 expansion joint

raw rubber of expansion joint

Progress of Refining Rubber



Composite rubber plate and polyester fabric

Rubber plate for rubber expansion joint

Mould of DN2800 rubber expasnion joint designed by Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd.

Vulcanization of DN2800 rubber joint, This is our vulcanization tank, it is the largest in China.

vulcanization tank for rubber expansion joint

Pressure test of the DN2800 rubber expansion joint

pressure test of DN2800 rubber expansion joint

Hardness test of the DN2800 rubber joint

hardness test of DN2800 rubber expansion joint

Package of rubber joint according to customer's requirement

package of rubber joint

Delivery of the DN2800 rubber expansion joint

delivery of rubber expansion joint

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