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TNY, BPDZ Flange Axial Internal Pressure Type Expansion Bellows

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    1.25 years manufactureing experience 2.DN40mm-5000mm 3.OEM manufacturer 4.ISO9001,ISO14001,BV,CE,...

Product Introduction


TNY, BPDZ flange axial internal pressure type expansion bellows consist of a corrugated pipe and two side flanges (also can be made into over type).The deformation of bellows realized pipe axial displacement (also have a small amount of transverse and angular displacement). The small pull rod function is mainly the rigid support in the process of transportation or as a product predeformation adjustment; it is not load bearing parts.


1. If user needs lining tube, please indicate when you order, the installing direction should be consistent with the flow direction.

2. On site after the installation, small pull rod must be dismantled.

3. In order to reduce the pipe rack loading, predeformation on expansion bellows before installation for (pretension, preloading) is necessary. Please indicate in the contract if you need.


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