rubber lined carbon steel or seamless steel pipe fittings

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    1.more than 30 years rubber manfacturing experience 2.pipe material:carbon steel or seamless steel ...

Product Introduction

Henan Liwei Industry Co.,Ltd is an excellent rubber lined pipe fittings supplier, it has more than 30 years rubber manufacturing experience and 25 years rubber pipe fittings manufacturing experience, the one of the earlier rubber producion manufacaturers. its former name is Henan Liwei Pipeline Equipment Co.,Ltd. Follows are the features of  Liwei brand rubber lined pipe fittings:

1.NO reclaimed rubber,IIR is imported from USA,NR and IIR is usually used 

2.Welding seam is very tiny, bellow DN200, the pipe is seamless steel

3.Excellent anti-corrosion,thermostability,aging resistance characters

4.At least 3 times electricity fire test, complete quality control system

5.vulcanizing tank size:5000mm*15000mm



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