Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe

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    1.Since 1988 2.BV, SGS, CE, ISO9001&14001 3.Rubber imported from USA 4.Qualified Joint Supplier i...

Product Introduction
Advantages of Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe

1 energy-saving: 
Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe is lubricating has small loss of running resistance, and save operating costs. Inner wall of desulfurization rubber lined pipe is smooth like a mirror, absolute roughness only Ra0.02668. When Desulfurization Pipe is lined with rubber, its self-lubrication and non-adhesion performances are better. Its running-resistance is about 20% smaller than ordinary steel pipe, which can save a lot of transfer of power.

2 long service life: 
Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe has superior performance in anti-aging. Under normal pressure and temperature, service life is over 15 years or more (theoretical value). After use of 6-8 years, rotate the pipeline nearly 90 ¡ã once, its service life will be longer. Desulfurization Pipe can be lined rubber repeatedly four times, which reduce costs, short production cycle, and ensure the construction period.

3 anti-scaling and retarding scaling performance: 
Rubber lining¡¯s surface roughness is small, only absolute roughness of 0.0267, the relative roughness of 3.311 ¡Á 10-4. Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe¡¯s water drag coefficient is 0.0165, smaller about 17 than the ordinary steel pipe. Rubber is resistant to ordinary acid, alkali and other media, which ensures no corrosion or scaling.

4 no crack, reliable connection: 
Compound structure of steel and rubber is made to overcome plastic pipe¡¯s quick stress cracking.

5 diverse, fast and convenient connections: 
Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe is easy to install, handle, transport, and use. On-site connections are quick and easy, without welding. Rubber Lined Desulfurization Pipe can be closely and tightly connected with flange, flexible joints or telescopic connector, while plastic pipe may flange, fracture, lock off and so on.
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