Desulfurization Rubber Lined Pipe

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    1.Since 1988 2.BV, SGS, CE, ISO9001&14001 3.Rubber imported from USA 4.Qualified Joint Supplier i...

Product Introduction

What affect service life of desulfurization rubber lined pipe (inner rubber lining)£¿

1 quality of slab rubber

Properties of rubber lined pipe (desulfurization pipe) such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are determined primarily by the performance of slab rubber.

2 selection of slab rubber

Different environmental conditions should select different slab rubbers. Improper selection may directly result in premature drop of rubber lining and corrosion of desulfurization rubber lined pipe.

3 quality and internal bonding degree of steel pipes and flanges of desulfurization pipes
Under special conditions, desulfurization system has rigid technical requirement on bearing capacity of desulfurization pipe. Some manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, tend to choose unqualified raw materials, so the consumer must be careful in selecting vendors.
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