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Bellows Compensator Used for High-Voltage Electrical Apparatus

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    1.specialized for high-voltage electrical apparatus 2.the OEM manufacturer 3.ISO9001,BV,CE,SGS cer...

Product Introduction


As parts which connect between two adjacent equipment shells, bellows compensator used for high-voltage electrical apparatus aim to adjusting and compensating displacement and extension caused by heat bilges cold shrink. Most common bellows compensator in high stress (i.e., large displacement) use under low cycle times and the bellows compensator is in low stress (small displacement) under high cycles. Due to the bracing of the combined electrical capacity is small, so design pressure balance structure is necessary, depending on the disc spring elastic force to balance the blind plate force produced by internal pressure, to reduce stress. Air tightness requirement is very high. Combination of filling medium expensive SF6 gas, air leakage in 1% or less, or will reduce the running reliability of the product, increase the frequency of notifying, even will cause outage overhaul of the system. The compensator as a electrical components for the inner surface is smooth without any sharp point, otherwise you will produce discharge, influence the insulation performance of the products.


Installation notices

1. The end of pipe bellows compensator is far away from the vibration source should be effectively fixed, so that the bellows compensator can absorb vibration isolation.

2. The construction site during welding work dealing with corrugated pipe protection, effectively prevent the welding slag splashing bellows.

3. When installing, compensator must be straight, not curved, and translation.

4. When the bellows compensator is used for compensation pipeline displacement, it should be reasonable setup guide bracket on both ends.

5. The general medium is not corrosive to bellows material, and should not be subject to the chloride ion content in the medium should be 25 PPM or less

6. The bellows compensator is unconstraint structure; guide bracket on both ends must withstand the internal pressure thrust.

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